5 closet observations from a Purepler visiting LA

We have been quiet for almost a week now on the blog, on social media and slow on responding to your emails. We’ll shortly catch up with what has been going on in our inboxes. Before that, let me share a few observations from our past week.

It was an extremely busy week packed with fun, friends, business and traveling -lots of it. Flying down to South California for four days driving from San Diego to San Francisco, here are some of my observations and learnings as a Purepler and a Seattleite.

  1. Don’t let weather app and the numbers for temperature trick you while packing. It may not be 90s yet (it was actually 60s-70s) but, it will feel 90s once you start looking around. OMG! The outfits we’ve been sharing on social media with sweaters, boots and jackets look so irrelevant here. Everyone is in shorts, flowy dresses and skirts; if wearing jeans, it’s either white or in a shade light. Planning outfits? Weather is not enough, consider location, too.
  2. A short walk in the Venice Beach area and some stores are entirely white! Everyone is wearing white either head to toe or at least one white piece! We barely spotted a few denim and neutrals other than white in stores such as Rag & Bone. If you are packing for a trip to SoCal, revisiting your packing list for color will be a good idea. No matter how light and flowy that black tops we packed, it was just too dark, especially on dark jeans.
  3. Brown leather sandals, metallic coated sandals, pointed toes, Toms, mirrored sunglasses, turquoise silver jewelry and beautiful bib necklaces were most spotted shoes and accessories.
  4. If you need a sweatshirt, cardigan or anything on warmer side or darker hues back home, great place to take a peek at sale racks. Chances of finding a bargain is quite high. They may suddenly start looking quite uninteresting though ;)
  5. Water bottle. Since one will be accompanying you all the time, you may pack your favorite with you. Most hotels have a fountain for refills.

Pureplers visiting other places? Would love to hear your closet observations.


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