7 Tips for packing outfits for Spring Travels

Our recent and unusually frequent trips taught us a few tips to keep in mind next time. Sharing in case a trip is in horizon for you, too.

  1. Plan the complete outfits upfront, including the clothing, shoes and accessories even makeup. Take different occasions you may attend into account and weather being a little colder/warmer than expected. We created a new category for the trip to tag the ioutfits we made in Pureple for the trip. This made make packing so much easier once we made the outfits.
  2. Stick to 1-2 color schema. Add white and neutrals.
  3. Pick versatile pieces, that can coordinate with other items easily. Making sure each item you pack can be worn at least 2-3 different ways is a good rule of thumb.
  4. Add a layering item for colder nights. A cashmere scarf/wrap can serve multiple purposes, so does a lined raincoat.
  5. Plan for temperature as well as the location. Check the weather report for trip time. However, temperature is not enough. The culture and atmosphere of the destination impacts our mood as much as the weather. Even though an outfit in dark hues and heavier fabrics is weather friendly for a cooler spring day in LA, it may not feel right due to the culture and atmosphere.
  6. Pack at least one pair of comfortable walking shoes in addition to shoes for other occasions you are planning for. It’s best if they are tested and broken in before.
  7. Pack essential accessories for both seasons e.g. sunglasses, hat and socks.

Have anything to add, change? Please drop a note!



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