Exclusive with Michelle Lesniak

Falling Upwards by Michelle Lesniak
Falling Upwards by Michelle Lesniak

Pureple: How have the life been after Project Runway?

Michelle Lesniak: It’s been a whirlwind!  Lots of traveling.  I always have a suitcase packed.

P: What are 5 stapes in your wardrobe these days?

ML: Denim, power blouses, leather jackets, rocker tees, and jewelry from local designers.

P: As a Pacific North West designer, do we see PNW influence in your designs? What would be the three words you’d describe North West style?

ML: The PNW influences my design in the way that I do lots of layering for the inclement weather.  I like mixing outdoor materials with high end fashion materials, like combining durable, water-resistant fabric with silk.  Three words to describe NW style: sporty/outdoorsy, practical, and muted.

P: How do you see technology changing the way we dress?

M: Eventually, technology will become a part of fashion, like the smart watches now.  It’s starting with accessories and then I think we’ll see it incorporated into actually clothing.  It wouldn’t surprise me at all to start seeing jackets with solar panels in them that let you charge various devices.

P: What would you recommend to young girls trying to define their personal style?

ML: Wear what feels good. Keep it classy. Experiment with vintage trends.

Seattle Fashion Week being less than three weeks away, we are looking forward to see the geek-chic aesthetic designs from Pacific Northwest’s very own Michelle Lesviak. After designing one of the most distinctive collections seen on Project Runway, the Season 11 winner answered a few questions exclusively for Pureple between her hectic schedule.

During the Seattle Fashion Week, Michelle will be showing her collection on Friday night (June 12) at the Emerald City Trapeze center.  She will also be participating in the trunk show on Sunday (June 14) at Motif Seattle. Her designs are also available at www.michellelesniak.com including her new collection, ‘Falling Upwards’.

Can’t make it to Seattle on June 12th? Michelle will also be at Ferrari Fashion Week South, in San Antonio, TX on June 5th.

Michelle Lesniak, Project Runway Collection
Michelle Lesniak, Project Runway Collection

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