My Capsule Wardrobe Picks

“I have downloaded the Pureple app to have my capsule at my fingertips. That way when I am feeling bored with my options I can play around to get inspired again.”

Thank you Shaleen! Awesome capsule with functional and beautiful choices.


minimal closet

While planning my capsule, I knew I didn’t need much in terms of buying new as I had just picked up some new things and already have a lot of great basics. I did need a pair of slip on sandals and a black shrug and I’d really been wanting a full black midi skirt and knew it would be versatile this Summer.

Now let’s talk about that neon pink beauty below. Impractical? Maybe, but I’ve been lusting after it forever. I decided that my capsule could use an injection of colour and fun and nothing else compared to that skirt for me. By the time I was ready to say yes though, my size was sold out! Oh, the horror. By some miracle though, it finally happened to come back in stock last week, also on the day of a 50% off sale! If that’s not fate, I don’t…

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