New!! From ‘Edit multiple’ to ‘Create outfits for others’

There has been a lot of big changes in past few updates, making Pureple better than ever.

Two major areas your feedback focused on was

  • Making it easy to build and organize your wardrobe
  • Ability to see friends closets and make outfits for each other


imageNow you can organize your items into categories, occasions, seasons, colors, brands and sizes multiple at a time! You can also delete the items (e.g. sample images) easily all at once.  Just tap and hold to select the items and then tap on green organize button. This will work on existing items or the new items you add via camera, web or from photo library, whether they are categorized before or not. And remember, while it is recommended to fill in most attributes to get most out of all features, it is up to you which attributes you fill in.

Next exciting feature I’d like to talk about is crowd-sourced outfit suggestions on your wardrobe. IMG_2406

Your friends and other Pureplers can visit your virtual closet and make outfits for you from your own closet. This is turned off by default, unless you enable it when you were asked during install or upgrade. If you would like to allow or toggle whether other Pureplers can see your closet and make outfits for you, go to the ‘Account’ from main menu and toggle ‘Community create outfits for me’. Similarly, you can visit others closets, too and make outfits for them. Please remember that only the items you have added from web are visible. Items you’ve added from camera are not visible to protect your privacy.


These are just two of many exiting changes happened recently. There is more e.g. notifications which we may cover in a future post.

Stay warm & happy holidays!

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