5 Ways Pureple will Help Implement PopSugar Fashion’s Tips on Cleaning Your Closet

Our followers may remember PopSugar Fashion’s recent article titled ‘I Cleaned Out 100+ Items From My Closet by Asking This 1 Question’ which we shared on all our social media accounts last week. The article gives great tips on editing your wardrobe. We immediately taught how much Pureple would help to implement the tips in this article. Here is the top 5:

  1. Keeping track of how often, if ever, you wear an item.

    You see the dates you wore an item listed under for every item in your closet.

  2. Easily seeing how many items you have of a given type/color/season/occasion/brand/size.

  3. Asking friends to ask whether to keep an item or let it go by inviting them to your virtual closet. Why not ask them how to style it, too?

  4. Tagging items with an expiration date.

  5. Purge regularly, from your phone, without the mess.


If Pureple was of help while cleaning your closet, how did it help? What would be one feature we could add to make it even more useful?



  1. When I tap “add” and choose “library” I get a blank white page. tap camera, blank “black page. Cant add anything. This is the second comment, with no response from anyone from; the first reply. Not sure what to do. I deleted and reinstalled , and shut down my phone and rebooted. Still ;nothing. The text on the screen is also too large, can’t see all the words. Don’t know where to go for help.


  2. Hi Karen – It looks like the problem is happening when you try to add an item from Camera or Photo Library. This would happen if you accidentally not allowed Pureple access to Camera or Photo Library. Please quit Pureple and open the ‘Settings’ app on your iPhone. Tap ‘Privacy’, then ‘Photos’. Make sure Pureple is set to On. Please repeat this for ‘Camera’ as well, again, under ‘Privacy’. Please let us know if this does not address the issue.


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