How to move your wardrobe to a new phone/device

You can transfer your Pureple wardrobe easily to another device.
Please go to ‘Account’ from main menu. Then tap on ‘Pro Version’. This will ask you to upgrade. You will be asked to create a username and password if you haven’t already. You can install Pureple on as many devices as you like and when you login with your credentials, your closet will sync across devices. 

This is one of our ‘Pro-version’ features. It will ask you to subscribe for $1.99/month. If you just want to move to a new device, you can subscribe for one- month only, sync to as many devices as you like (which will transfer your entire closet to these new devices) and then cancel your subscription. When you cancel your subscription, Pureple on all your devices will continue to work, however, future changes will not be synchronized across multiple devices.

Pro upgrade includes:
– Multiple device support. Your closet will sync across all devices you login with your credentials. 
– No Ads.
– Your closet will be backed up on cloud. 
– You will get a ‘Pro’ badge which will display in your profile, community shares and comments.
– VIP support from Pureple Team
Alternatively, you can also transfer your closet for free. Please install the latest update for Pureple from AppStore, if not already. Then, please make sure you take a recent iTunes and iCould backup of your old phone that you have Pureple on. Your wardrobe is backed up with everything else on your your phone in this backup. If you restore your new phone from this backup (which is the typical case most of the time when moving to a new phone), your wardrobe will be transferred to your new phone. You will not need to install Pureple again on this phone. Please make sure everything looks good on your new phone before deleting Pureple on your old phone.

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