Adding Custom Categories, Colors, Brands, Sizes, Occassions etc. in Pureple

You can add as many custom categories as you like to Pureple. You can also rename or delete them. To create a custom category, please tap ‘✍︎’ next to category name and then tap ‘Add new category’:

Tap ✍︎ to start editing

Tap Add new category

Alternatively, you can also add a category while setting categories. Tap ‘Add’ at the bottom of the category list and type the new category name:

While setting the category of the item, scroll down to the bottom of category list and tap ‘Add’ to add a custom category or ‘Remove’ to delete a category.

You can also add custom occasions, colors, brands, sizes, locations, materials, patterns or the status of the items similarly. Let’s see how we can add a custom occasion e.g. Travel. Just go to an item’s details page and tap ‘Occasion’. Scroll to the bottom of the occasion list. Tap Add. Enter the name for the new occasion e.g. Travel. Tap Add. You will see the new occasion in the list of occasions from now on.

The details page for my sunglasses. Tap ‘Occasion’ to set it (or other details to set them).
Scroll to the bottom of the Occasion list and tap Add.
Type the name for new occasion and tap Add.
When you tap Occasions again from the details page, you will see the newly added occasion, Travel in this case, in the list of occasions. Please feel free to add custom colors etc. similarly.

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