Meet our new partner: Project 925 – the women’s workwear destination that is glamorizing the weekday

We’re happy to announce our latest partnership with a new women’s workwear destination, Project 925. Project 925 curates stylish and affordable workwear for young professional women. Here’s a recap of our conversation with Project 925 Founder, Quynh Onel and Pureple Founder, NK Kurt.

Why did you create Project 925?

QO: I created Project 925 out of my own frustration with finding fashionable, good quality, and affordable work clothes. I found myself buying from brands I didn’t relate to and feeling blah in the same uniform every day. That’s why I created Project 925. I wanted to create a destination for women to easily buy work clothes that they could get excited about, feel great in and that didn’t break the bank. Project 925 curates office appropriate pieces from a variety of boutique and designer brands and we have plans to create our own line of Project 925 workwear to add to the collection. Separate from fashion, I’m deeply passionate about supporting women in their careers. I’m lucky my customer is someone I truly care about and so we’re fully committed to building, connecting and supporting our community of women throughout their careers.

What made you want to partner with Project 925?

NK: A common request we receive from our community is, ability to purchase the clothing they see in the app. Though we could have introduced the functionality much earlier, we wanted to be very meticulous on what we make available for our users, who trust us with their style. I was introduced to Project 925 at my own workplace one evening and the clean, sophisticated lines of the collection immediately grabbed my attention. I co-work with some of the most stylish women in LA, some of whom are LA stylists and fashion professionals, and seeing their love for the Project 925 line reinforced my desire to introduce Project 925 to Pureple community. Being based in LA, we always wanted to use this opportunity to introduce our user base the best of the up and coming from the capital of contemporary fashion. We wanted to partner with new and local startups that had a great mission and who could benefit from being on Pureple. After meeting Quynh in February and learning about Project 925, I was inspired with not only the collection, but also the founder behind and her mission. We knew that Project 925 would be a great partner to launch ‘Pureple Discover’ with.

How does this change the app?

NK: First of all, you will see a bigger selection in the Wizard, where you can add items to your wardrobe with a single tap, if you have the same or a similar item in your own wardrobe. This will make building your wardrobe even easier. You will also be able to purchase them, if you like. Pureple will curate a collection of items for you in the discover tab, where the most relevant items for you that will enhance your existing wardrobe, fit in your personal style, budget and preferences will be present. Please tap “More’ and then ‘Discover’ on the tab bar at the bottom to give it a try.

Tell us what you think!

Your input is super important to us. Tell us how you like the new feature and if you have ideas on how we can improve it!

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