How to set or change the category for an item in Pureple

One of the questions we receive most frequently these days is, how to set the category of an item we add to our wardrobe in Pureple. It is as easy as

When you add an item to your wardrobe from web, it is listed as ‘Not Categorized’. To set the category of the item, or change or add more categories for an item, please:

  1. Go to ‘Wardrobe’ view
  2. Select any item in your wardrobe
  3. Scroll down and tap on ‘Categories’
  4. Tap on  the categories you’d like to select for the item.You can select as many category as you like.

Check our previous post for more tips e.g. how to add your own custom categories.


My Capsule Wardrobe Picks

“I have downloaded the Pureple app to have my capsule at my fingertips. That way when I am feeling bored with my options I can play around to get inspired again.”

Thank you Shaleen! Awesome capsule with functional and beautiful choices.


minimal closet

While planning my capsule, I knew I didn’t need much in terms of buying new as I had just picked up some new things and already have a lot of great basics. I did need a pair of slip on sandals and a black shrug and I’d really been wanting a full black midi skirt and knew it would be versatile this Summer.

Now let’s talk about that neon pink beauty below. Impractical? Maybe, but I’ve been lusting after it forever. I decided that my capsule could use an injection of colour and fun and nothing else compared to that skirt for me. By the time I was ready to say yes though, my size was sold out! Oh, the horror. By some miracle though, it finally happened to come back in stock last week, also on the day of a 50% off sale! If that’s not fate, I don’t…

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“My minimalist wardrobe [summer]” via Miss Freddy

My minimalist wardrobe [summer] via Miss Freddy.

“… 5)  Use a virtual closet app to get out of a styling rut.  I use a FREE app called Pureple.  I upload the photos from this post into the app.  Then I can mix/match looks & save outfits for later.  You can also ‘suggest outfit’ to have Pureple design a look. …”

We also loved how Miss Freddy photographed her clothes: Light colored, smooth background, same wood hangers nicely hanged garments.

Michelle Lesniak (on the right) at FashioNXT 2014

Exclusive with Michelle Lesniak

Falling Upwards by Michelle Lesniak

Falling Upwards by Michelle Lesniak

Pureple: How have the life been after Project Runway?

Michelle Lesniak: It’s been a whirlwind!  Lots of traveling.  I always have a suitcase packed.

P: What are 5 stapes in your wardrobe these days?

ML: Denim, power blouses, leather jackets, rocker tees, and jewelry from local designers.

P: As a Pacific North West designer, do we see PNW influence in your designs? What would be the three words you’d describe North West style?

ML: The PNW influences my design in the way that I do lots of layering for the inclement weather.  I like mixing outdoor materials with high end fashion materials, like combining durable, water-resistant fabric with silk.  Three words to describe NW style: sporty/outdoorsy, practical, and muted.

P: How do you see technology changing the way we dress?

M: Eventually, technology will become a part of fashion, like the smart watches now.  It’s starting with accessories and then I think we’ll see it incorporated into actually clothing.  It wouldn’t surprise me at all to start seeing jackets with solar panels in them that let you charge various devices.

P: What would you recommend to young girls trying to define their personal style?

ML: Wear what feels good. Keep it classy. Experiment with vintage trends.

Seattle Fashion Week being less than three weeks away, we are looking forward to see the geek-chic aesthetic designs from Pacific Northwest’s very own Michelle Lesviak. After designing one of the most distinctive collections seen on Project Runway, the Season 11 winner answered a few questions exclusively for Pureple between her hectic schedule.

During the Seattle Fashion Week, Michelle will be showing her collection on Friday night (June 12) at the Emerald City Trapeze center.  She will also be participating in the trunk show on Sunday (June 14) at Motif Seattle. Her designs are also available at including her new collection, ‘Falling Upwards’.

Can’t make it to Seattle on June 12th? Michelle will also be at Ferrari Fashion Week South, in San Antonio, TX on June 5th.

Michelle Lesniak, Project Runway Collection

Michelle Lesniak, Project Runway Collection

Iggy Azalea’s Fancy Hair, Makeup, and Outfits

by Michelina Gliozzi!

Check out how Michelina used Pureple for the Outfits, starting 4:41 (;

We are amazed with young Pureplers like Michelina, their talent, confidence, how they start something and build their brands already! Influencers, entrepreneurs, marketers of future in making.

News from Pureple office

We have gone quiet for the last few days. Seattle weather tricked us again. A cold has been keeping us under water, causing delays in responding to your emails. Please accept our apology. We missed talking to you and will be back on email, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram soon.

And here is the good news!! (drum roll please :)) Our next update is getting ready with features you have been asking for. Building your wardrobe and finding what you are looking for will be easier than ever (hint, hint), thanks to your suggestions. We so love how the new version looks! I hope you will, too. Keep an eye on us on Social Media (@purepleapp) for preview screenshots and let us know what you think. By the way, what is your favorite social media channel?

Seattle Fashion Week (June 11-13)

Yes! Seattle’s Fashion Week is back after a nearly 4-year break and only a little over a month away, We are very excited to meet the Seattle fashion community, see the latest from PNW designers and share North West’s take on fashion with you.

So what is waiting us?

Michelle Lesniak, Project Runway’s Season 11 winner and Magenta by Wendy Ohlendorf of Portland, OR; Joshua Christensen, who after Project Runway designed for GUESS?, Inc and now focusing on his own brand; Morifú with their Debut collection; Richard Sherman of Seattle Seahawks; Rebekah Adams with her sustainable, transitional fashion for the modern woman; Seattle designers Justin Zachary and Julie Danforth just to name a few.

And we are pleased to see Thoki Tafeni Designs in the list and see Thoki’s Kickstarer campaign reached it’s goal.

Tickets are now available for the three day event at If you are only interested in the Trunk Show, we need to wait a bit more to reserve the tickets. However we’ll keep an eye and update you as soon as we know.

Emerald City Trapeze Arts, June 11-13th.

5 closet observations from a Purepler visiting LA

We have been quiet for almost a week now on the blog, on social media and slow on responding to your emails. We’ll shortly catch up with what has been going on in our inboxes. Before that, let me share a few observations from our past week.

It was an extremely busy week packed with fun, friends, business and traveling -lots of it. Flying down to South California for four days driving from San Diego to San Francisco, here are some of my observations and learnings as a Purepler and a Seattleite.

  1. Don’t let weather app and the numbers for temperature trick you while packing. It may not be 90s yet (it was actually 60s-70s) but, it will feel 90s once you start looking around. OMG! The outfits we’ve been sharing on social media with sweaters, boots and jackets look so irrelevant here. Everyone is in shorts, flowy dresses and skirts; if wearing jeans, it’s either white or in a shade light. Planning outfits? Weather is not enough, consider location, too.
  2. A short walk in the Venice Beach area and some stores are entirely white! Everyone is wearing white either head to toe or at least one white piece! We barely spotted a few denim and neutrals other than white in stores such as Rag & Bone. If you are packing for a trip to SoCal, revisiting your packing list for color will be a good idea. No matter how light and flowy that black tops we packed, it was just too dark, especially on dark jeans.
  3. Brown leather sandals, metallic coated sandals, pointed toes, Toms, mirrored sunglasses, turquoise silver jewelry and beautiful bib necklaces were most spotted shoes and accessories.
  4. If you need a sweatshirt, cardigan or anything on warmer side or darker hues back home, great place to take a peek at sale racks. Chances of finding a bargain is quite high. They may suddenly start looking quite uninteresting though ;)
  5. Water bottle. Since one will be accompanying you all the time, you may pack your favorite with you. Most hotels have a fountain for refills.

Pureplers visiting other places? Would love to hear your closet observations.