5 Ways Pureple will Help Implement PopSugar Fashion’s Tips on Cleaning Your Closet

Our followers may remember PopSugar Fashion’s recent article titled ‘I Cleaned Out 100+ Items From My Closet by Asking This 1 Question’ which we shared on all our social media accounts last week. The article gives great tips on editing your wardrobe. We immediately taught how much Pureple would help to implement the tips in this article. Here is the top 5:

  1. Keeping track of how often, if ever, you wear an item.

    You see the dates you wore an item listed under for every item in your closet.

  2. Easily seeing how many items you have of a given type/color/season/occasion/brand/size.

  3. Asking friends to ask whether to keep an item or let it go by inviting them to your virtual closet. Why not ask them how to style it, too?

  4. Tagging items with an expiration date.

  5. Purge regularly, from your phone, without the mess.


If Pureple was of help while cleaning your closet, how did it help? What would be one feature we could add to make it even more useful?



16 things to do in Easter holidays

16 things to do in Easter holidays

16 things to do in Easter holidays

We’ve just left Easter behind for the year, however, we could not resist to share these excellent tips from Malin Dahl.

Plan outfits! With the app Pureple I can plan future outfits, and have them saved on your mobile so that they should not go into oblivion. Smart! ” says Malin.

Thank you <3. We are fascinated to see that Pureple is taking a tiny part in the lives of such talented, amazingly inspiring individuals around the world.

Original: 16 ting å gjøre i påskeferien

English: 16 things to do in Easter holidays

By the way, while you are there, you may also want to see New York in her eyes. We fell in love with the details she captured! She sure made us want to visit NY again!..

Frequently Asked Trivia Questions

Q: Did you misspell purple? Why did you name the app Pureple?

A: No. Well, yes and no. Although it’s not uncommon we misspell certain words, purple was not one of them. We had to misspell it to be able to register a domain name (www.pureple.com) as purple.com was taken long ago. Purple is the color our daughter, then 4 year old, was fascinated with. We wanted to include her to this new night and weekend project mom & dad is talking about passionately for hours. Now 6 years old, she draws some of the art we use in marketing. Soon you might see some on the blog.

Q: Is it the movie ‘Clueless’ what inspired you for writing Pureple?

A: No, we wish we did watch ‘Clueless’ before writing Pureple. We found out about it from dear Pureplers after Pureple was released. Then we watched the Cher’s closet scene over and over. It’s so much fun to be associated with.

Q: Now a serious question. What sets Pureple apart from other similar apps?

A: Two among others raises to the top:

  • Our Suggestion engine, which learns user’s style over time and suggests full outfits from your own closet.
  • You do not have to take pictures of what you own to build your wardrobe. Pureple finds the images for you from the web. This allows building your wardrobe anywhere, when you get a chance. Plus, you usually get professional pictures. It also remembers where you added an item from, in case you’d like to go back and find out more about it.

Q: Do you use Pureple yourself?

A: Yes! We all do. Last I checked, I had 481 items and hundreds of outfits in my Pureple closet. With kids and busy work, that’s the only way I am able to plan my outfits. It helped me realize that first, I have too much items, most of them unused, yet, if I could find/see the right item at right time, I’d love to use them. Next, even though I am an organization freak, I both lack the time and a big enough closet to perfectly organize. With the technology we have right now, it is not only super easy digitally, it is also possible to organize in incredible ways e.g. all the different ways I can wear an item. Now I can get out of the house feeling pretty good about how I look even if I had only 5 minutes.

3 simple questions to help decide – keep it or let go?

As spring approaches fast, most of us will find ourself editing our wardrobes. While the old good rules of let go of the items that no longer fit, that are stained or show other kind of wear or tear e.g, holes or piles, here are three additional questions to help take wardrobe editing further:

1- Do I love it?
2- Is it flattering?
3- Is it inline with the image I’d like to present, who I am, what I want to be?

Ultimate goal: a more organized wardrobe that better expresses ourselves, communicates a clearer message to the world and save precious minutes from our morning routine.
Happy spring :)