Adding items from web: How to pick the best quality image

We’d like to share a trick we use to add the best image for an item we are adding from IMG_4393web. Sometimes web search presents us a few different quality versions of the same image. Or the image we want may appear way at the bottom in search results.

When you find the image you’d like to add in search results, please

  1. Tap on it to see it enlarged.
  2. Then tap on the three vertical dots you see under the image and
  3. Tap ‘View original image’ option. This will open the high quality version of the image.
  4. Then tap on the ‘+’ to add it to wardrobe.

Pureple also shows the dimensions of the images when you tap on ‘+’ to help you select the best image. We recommend images with dimensions around 512×1024.


5 Ways Pureple will Help Implement PopSugar Fashion’s Tips on Cleaning Your Closet

Our followers may remember PopSugar Fashion’s recent article titled ‘I Cleaned Out 100+ Items From My Closet by Asking This 1 Question’ which we shared on all our social media accounts last week. The article gives great tips on editing your wardrobe. We immediately taught how much Pureple would help to implement the tips in this article. Here is the top 5:

  1. Keeping track of how often, if ever, you wear an item.

    You see the dates you wore an item listed under for every item in your closet.

  2. Easily seeing how many items you have of a given type/color/season/occasion/brand/size.

  3. Asking friends to ask whether to keep an item or let it go by inviting them to your virtual closet. Why not ask them how to style it, too?

  4. Tagging items with an expiration date.

  5. Purge regularly, from your phone, without the mess.


If Pureple was of help while cleaning your closet, how did it help? What would be one feature we could add to make it even more useful?



PAVILE: 3 Apps to Never Miss The Look

“Nowadays with such technology our smartphones already do more than just post that cool photo on Instagram and Facebook, we can fix that look we saw on TV before you leave home. Why would open the wardrobe if you can only open an application and view all your stuff there? Make the combination and avoid that famous pile of clothes on the bed is possible with the applications we will suggest!”

Please follow the link for the full story:

3 Aplicativos para você nunca mais errar no look

app1Ah, did we mention that we <3 ‘Look Do Dia’s!!

Iggy Azalea’s Fancy Hair, Makeup, and Outfits

by Michelina Gliozzi!

Check out how Michelina used Pureple for the Outfits, starting 4:41 (;

We are amazed with young Pureplers like Michelina, their talent, confidence, how they start something and build their brands already! Influencers, entrepreneurs, marketers of future in making.

16 things to do in Easter holidays

16 things to do in Easter holidays

16 things to do in Easter holidays

We’ve just left Easter behind for the year, however, we could not resist to share these excellent tips from Malin Dahl.

Plan outfits! With the app Pureple I can plan future outfits, and have them saved on your mobile so that they should not go into oblivion. Smart! ” says Malin.

Thank you <3. We are fascinated to see that Pureple is taking a tiny part in the lives of such talented, amazingly inspiring individuals around the world.

Original: 16 ting å gjøre i påskeferien

English: 16 things to do in Easter holidays

By the way, while you are there, you may also want to see New York in her eyes. We fell in love with the details she captured! She sure made us want to visit NY again!..

3 simple questions to help decide – keep it or let go?

As spring approaches fast, most of us will find ourself editing our wardrobes. While the old good rules of let go of the items that no longer fit, that are stained or show other kind of wear or tear e.g, holes or piles, here are three additional questions to help take wardrobe editing further:

1- Do I love it?
2- Is it flattering?
3- Is it inline with the image I’d like to present, who I am, what I want to be?

Ultimate goal: a more organized wardrobe that better expresses ourselves, communicates a clearer message to the world and save precious minutes from our morning routine.
Happy spring :)

Wardrobe Help

I’ve installed Pureple. Now what?

Pureple comes with sample clothes and accessories to give a glimpse of how it will look like once you catalog your own clothes with Pureple. Please feel free to play around to see what you could do a bit. Then start building your own closet by adding your own clothes, accessories, makeup etc. And please feel free to delete the sample items.

Do not forget to check the main menu on top left. In main menu, you will find options to create outfits, have Pureple suggest outfits for you, add outfits to Pureple calendar, check Trending to see what others are adding and check out Community to see inspiring looks and give/ask style advice.

How can I add my own clothes to Pureple?

You could add your own clothes & accessories & makeup & hairstyles etc. using the camera icon on title bar. It gives three options to add an item: From web, by taking a picture or using a picture from your photo library.

Although it takes a bit of getting used to, we recommend ‘Adding from web’ in the long run.

To add from Web Page:

  1. When you are on the ‘Wardrobe’ view, tap on ‘Add’ in the title bar
  2. Tap on ‘Web Page (easiest)’
  3. Type the description of the item you’d like to add e.g. “Gap skinny jeans”. (Tip: a description containing brand, color, style, item type usually return what you are looking for)
  4. This will search for the item you are looking for. Tap on ‘images’
  5. If you see the item you are looking for, tap on “+” to add . Then tap on the item you’d like to add to your wardrobe.
  6. Next, you’ll be presented the ‘crop’ screen. Adjust the image frame to crop if you’d like to. You can skip this step is no cropping is needed.
  7. Next, you’ll be presented the ‘erase background’ screen. Adjust the sliding bar to erase the background. You can skip this step, too.
  8. The item is added to your wardrobe. Tap on another item and repeat from step 6 or go back to search for another item using the ‘<‘ back button.

Tip: How to pick the best quality photo of my item? How to add an item that appear way in the bottom of search results?

To add from Camera:

  1. When you are in ‘Wardrobe’ view, tap on ‘Add’ in the title bar. Then tap on ‘Camera’
  2. Capture the photo of your item
  3. Next, you’ll be presented the ‘crop’ screen. Adjust the image frame to crop if you’d like to. You can skip this step is no cropping is needed.
  4. Next, you’ll be presented the ‘erase background’ screen. Adjust the sliding bar to erase the background. You can skip this step, too.
  5. The item is added to your wardrobe. Now you can set the category of the item and fill in other details you’d like to add.
  6. Go back to the ‘Wardrobe’ view via ‘<‘ back button

To add from Photo Library:

  1. When you are on the ‘Wardrobe’ view, tap on ‘Add’ in the title bar. Then tap on ‘Photo Library’.
  2. Select the photo(s) you’d like to add. Then tap ‘Done’.
  3. Next, you’ll be asked if you’d like to add them under a specific category or under ‘Not Categorized’.
  4. The items are now added to your wardrobe. Now you can set the properties e.g. season, occasion, color, brand, size and if added as ‘Not Categorized’, the category of the items.
  5. Go back to the ‘Wardrobe’ view via ‘<‘ back button

Tips on taking photos for closet

  1. Laying the garment on the ground works better for heavy fabrics. Hanging on a wall works better for light fabrics.
  2. If laying on the ground, a hard (smooth) surface reduces shadows and produces better results. Hardwood floors, light color carpet, thick paper, mats are few ideas to try.
  3. If hanging, we use a clear pin used on cork boards on a light colored wall. And pick the wall that gets the best light.
  4. Using a clear plastic hanger such as the ones used in stores or a wood hanger makes hanger less noticeable. Pick a hanger properly sized and stick to the same hanger for consistency.
  5. Using the same background on all photos will help when they are used in an outfit together.
  6. If the background color is fairly different than the item’s own colors, background eraser does a better job erasing it. Especially for dark colored items on light color background.
  7. Last but maybe most important, taking the photo in daylight, in a well lit room. It makes a huge difference.
  8. Nothing beats the quality of a professionally taken photo, under best lighting and potentially Photoshopped. So please consider adding from web.

How can I set or change the category of an item?

Categories are generally intended to describe the function of an item. It can be high level e.g. ‘Top’, ‘Bottom’, ‘Shoes’ or can be more specific e.g. ‘Sandals’, ‘Pumps’, Sneakers’. Pureple comes with the most common fundamental categories defined. You can add your own categories (as many as you need) to suit your needs. You can also delete any category that you do not need.

When you add an item to your wardrobe from web, it is listed as ‘Not Categorized’. To set the category of the item, or change or add more categories for an item, please:

  1. Go to ‘Wardrobe’ view
  2. Select any item in your wardrobe (e.g. the hairstyle)
  3. Scroll down and tap on ‘Categories (+)’
  4. Tap on  the categories you’d like to select for the item.You can select as many category as you like.

While categories are intended mainly for ‘function’, there is no restriction if you’d like to use them for a custom reason e.g. a packing list (such as ‘beach vacation’) to make it work for you.

How can I add a custom category e.g. for Sweaters?

You can create a custom category for ‘Hair Styles’ and another for ‘Sweaters’ (another for jewelry etc..). To create a custom category, please:

  1. Go to ‘Wardrobe’ view
  2. Select any item in your wardrobe (e.g. a dress)
  3. Scroll down and tap on ‘Categories’
  4. Tap on  “Add New Category To the List’
  5. Type the category name e.g. Sweaters and tap on Add. The category is added now and you return to the item details view.
  6. Tap on categories again
  7. You’ll now see the category you’ve just added in the list. You can start using the newly added category just like the other categories.You can add as many category as you like.

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