PAVILE: 3 Apps to Never Miss The Look

“Nowadays with such technology our smartphones already do more than just post that cool photo on Instagram and Facebook, we can fix that look we saw on TV before you leave home. Why would open the wardrobe if you can only open an application and view all your stuff there? Make the combination and avoid that famous pile of clothes on the bed is possible with the applications we will suggest!”

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3 Aplicativos para você nunca mais errar no look

app1Ah, did we mention that we <3 ‘Look Do Dia’s!!


Iggy Azalea’s Fancy Hair, Makeup, and Outfits

by Michelina Gliozzi!

Check out how Michelina used Pureple for the Outfits, starting 4:41 (;

We are amazed with young Pureplers like Michelina, their talent, confidence, how they start something and build their brands already! Influencers, entrepreneurs, marketers of future in making.