5 Ways Pureple will Help Implement PopSugar Fashion’s Tips on Cleaning Your Closet

Our followers may remember PopSugar Fashion’s recent article titled ‘I Cleaned Out 100+ Items From My Closet by Asking This 1 Question’ which we shared on all our social media accounts last week. The article gives great tips on editing your wardrobe. We immediately taught how much Pureple would help to implement the tips in this article. Here is the top 5:

  1. Keeping track of how often, if ever, you wear an item.

    You see the dates you wore an item listed under for every item in your closet.

  2. Easily seeing how many items you have of a given type/color/season/occasion/brand/size.

  3. Asking friends to ask whether to keep an item or let it go by inviting them to your virtual closet. Why not ask them how to style it, too?

  4. Tagging items with an expiration date.

  5. Purge regularly, from your phone, without the mess.


If Pureple was of help while cleaning your closet, how did it help? What would be one feature we could add to make it even more useful?



CES 2016-A Fashion Tech Perspective

After an amazing week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, here is our fashion observations.

Fashion Tech

Wearables dominated the scene at CES. We saw both increased span of functionality, more fashionable looks compared to past years and a trend moving from the wrist towards many kinds of accessories and clothing.

Activity tracking and fitness, heath monitoring and biometrics were where functionality focused. We also saw life alert and posture correction in a few.

Sleep and activity tracking bands, smart watches, smart bracelets got prettier looks. Fossil displayed their smartwatches  and analog watches with smart functions; Swarovski their activity tracking jewelry collection, MisFit and WiseWear unveiled their stylish activity tracking bands which are candidates to become our new favorite bangles. Besides fitness and biometric tracking, SMS, voice call, emails, WiseWear smart bracelets ‘Socialite collection’ provides Life Alert functionality and will be available at Neiman Marcus and other retailers in a month.

Functionality is the main focus for fitness tights, smart sneakers, smart socks and smart bra.

Nick Verreos hosted 2016 FashionWare fashion show at CES, featuring dresses that are not only smart but also pretty!

Samsung unveiled HumanFit,  smart fashion accessories and clothing which included a clutch that can charge your device with solar panels, activity monitoring belt, NFC enabled bio-smart shirt and golf clothes that can monitor weather conditions and UV exposure.

We demoed new version of Pureple at Pureple booth in Eureka Park. New update code named Pureple Friends introduces Pureple Community Circles which takes crowd sourced outfit suggestions to next level. You will be able to build your circle where you can share your closet with them and give or get outfit suggestions as well as a customized feed of outfit inspirations. You will continue to be able to share your closet with all Pureple community or keep it private. You will also have the option to share all your items, not just the ones added from web. We also unveiled a virtual stylist with smarter outfit suggestions. Stay tuned for the next update!

The trend on connected wearables moving beyond the wrist excites us that in a few years, it will be easier, almost natural to create your virtual wardrobe and manage it automatically. We are also excited about the virtual dressing room to allow you to see clothing on you. A great journey ahead!

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What to Pack for the Trip

If you are heading to CES or a tradeshow in similar lines, here is our experience when it comes to packing.

The four day trade show is the biggest in the tech industry bringing the biggest players and latest products together. While the assumed dress code is business casual, we saw everything between typical tech office attire (ok maybe not sweatpants and flip flops) to suits. It is a good idea to be prepared for a few formal gatherings while still keeping comfortable. The most critical item to pack is, by far, the shoes. It’s a huge show spanning 2 miles of floor space and 3200 exhibitors where visitors and exhibitors spend most of the day on foot and long are those days. It is often that an impromptu plan for the evening comes up.  Considering these, packing comfort shoes with dressy looks is a smart choice. We survived the show with our Cole Haan pumps and Gentle Souls wedges and boots. In case you need an emergency pair during show, there is a Cole Haan store in The Grand Canal Shoppes in Venetian and many others nearby.

The weather is Vegas in January is colder than LA where we are based, and warmer than Seattle. While we needed a warm coat, maybe also a hat or scarf in the evening, we ended up not using our sweaters. We were glad that we packed in layers and enough for all days as there were no time to deal with dry cleaning.

Many visitors preferred taking pictures and recording brief videos when visiting booths. Press presence was also notable as the tech world across the globe had their eyes on Vegas this week. Cameras were everywhere, whether from press or amateurs and we ended up on formal/informal interviews several times. Dressing camera ready is a good idea.

We certainly were impressed with how stylish our visitors were. Blazers for both ladies and gentleman were a favorite we spotted. So were dresses in winter fabrics and naturals, dressy jeans, blouses, linen tees and colorful scarves. Did tech have some style!

Note to STEAM parents:

Rogue Making offers wearable making kits and workshops for birthdays or similar events for the little scientists. We were happy to be able to offer our 7 year old daughter an opportunity to explore both engineering and fashion at the same time.



Michelle Lesniak (on the right) at FashioNXT 2014

Exclusive with Michelle Lesniak

Falling Upwards by Michelle Lesniak

Falling Upwards by Michelle Lesniak

Pureple: How have the life been after Project Runway?

Michelle Lesniak: It’s been a whirlwind!  Lots of traveling.  I always have a suitcase packed.

P: What are 5 stapes in your wardrobe these days?

ML: Denim, power blouses, leather jackets, rocker tees, and jewelry from local designers.

P: As a Pacific North West designer, do we see PNW influence in your designs? What would be the three words you’d describe North West style?

ML: The PNW influences my design in the way that I do lots of layering for the inclement weather.  I like mixing outdoor materials with high end fashion materials, like combining durable, water-resistant fabric with silk.  Three words to describe NW style: sporty/outdoorsy, practical, and muted.

P: How do you see technology changing the way we dress?

M: Eventually, technology will become a part of fashion, like the smart watches now.  It’s starting with accessories and then I think we’ll see it incorporated into actually clothing.  It wouldn’t surprise me at all to start seeing jackets with solar panels in them that let you charge various devices.

P: What would you recommend to young girls trying to define their personal style?

ML: Wear what feels good. Keep it classy. Experiment with vintage trends.

Seattle Fashion Week being less than three weeks away, we are looking forward to see the geek-chic aesthetic designs from Pacific Northwest’s very own Michelle Lesviak. After designing one of the most distinctive collections seen on Project Runway, the Season 11 winner answered a few questions exclusively for Pureple between her hectic schedule.

During the Seattle Fashion Week, Michelle will be showing her collection on Friday night (June 12) at the Emerald City Trapeze center.  She will also be participating in the trunk show on Sunday (June 14) at Motif Seattle. Her designs are also available at www.michellelesniak.com including her new collection, ‘Falling Upwards’.

Can’t make it to Seattle on June 12th? Michelle will also be at Ferrari Fashion Week South, in San Antonio, TX on June 5th.

Michelle Lesniak, Project Runway Collection

Michelle Lesniak, Project Runway Collection


PAVILE: 3 Apps to Never Miss The Look

“Nowadays with such technology our smartphones already do more than just post that cool photo on Instagram and Facebook, we can fix that look we saw on TV before you leave home. Why would open the wardrobe if you can only open an application and view all your stuff there? Make the combination and avoid that famous pile of clothes on the bed is possible with the applications we will suggest!”

Please follow the link for the full story:

3 Aplicativos para você nunca mais errar no look

app1Ah, did we mention that we <3 ‘Look Do Dia’s!!

News from Pureple office

We have gone quiet for the last few days. Seattle weather tricked us again. A cold has been keeping us under water, causing delays in responding to your emails. Please accept our apology. We missed talking to you and will be back on email, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram soon.

And here is the good news!! (drum roll please :)) Our next update is getting ready with features you have been asking for. Building your wardrobe and finding what you are looking for will be easier than ever (hint, hint), thanks to your suggestions. We so love how the new version looks! I hope you will, too. Keep an eye on us on Social Media (@purepleapp) for preview screenshots and let us know what you think. By the way, what is your favorite social media channel?

16 things to do in Easter holidays

16 things to do in Easter holidays

16 things to do in Easter holidays

We’ve just left Easter behind for the year, however, we could not resist to share these excellent tips from Malin Dahl.

Plan outfits! With the app Pureple I can plan future outfits, and have them saved on your mobile so that they should not go into oblivion. Smart! ” says Malin.

Thank you <3. We are fascinated to see that Pureple is taking a tiny part in the lives of such talented, amazingly inspiring individuals around the world.

Original: 16 ting å gjøre i påskeferien

English: 16 things to do in Easter holidays

By the way, while you are there, you may also want to see New York in her eyes. We fell in love with the details she captured! She sure made us want to visit NY again!..