Thank you, thank you! You are doing a great job! I’ve finally started to wear nice outfits from my wardrobe that i never had time to combine on the go.

Irina S.

It’s actually a great app out of all my favorites.
Jhanely Parra
love it by ParriTarver
This app lets me place where I want things to be placed and it helps me out a lot, I just got this app and I don’t plan on getting rid of it anytime soon
from iTunes Reviews
I love it by BFF awesomeness
The only thing you will ever need to get organized in your closet

from iTunes Reviews

Organization and Fun by Snuggles0224
I didn’t realize I was so unorganized with my clothes. The reason I stress out about choosing what to wear is mostly because I pretty much never have taken a step back and sorted out what I really have to choose from in my closet. This is easy once you have your wardrobe on this app, which this may take a week or longer.
from iTunes Reviews
I love it !! by Abigail S.
So far, I haven’t gotten any limit warnings (which is great for someone like me, with so many clothes)! Best closet app I’ve used by far.
from iTunes Reviews
Love it! by Juley0129
I love this app! It is very user friendly. I always have trouble remembering a great outfit and now I don’t have to try. This app does it for me!
  from iTunes Reviews
Awesome by rowlandsk50
I love this app!! It takes me forever to pick out an outfit but now it shows me what to wear!!!😃😃😃
from iTunes Reviews
Who new what was hiding in my closet 😀 by nicki94
Love this app, so easy and organizes me and outfits just pop out!!! It’s great!!
from iTunes Reviews
Wonderful! by Baroness of Awesome
I love this app! It’s super helpful, especially on days where I have no inspiration to come up with something.
from iTunes Reviews
Functional and beautiful by Mujihs
I LOVE LOVE this app. Its my closet manager, counselor, coach everything. I always ask other people for help for matching my outfit, this app is my advisor now. I usually use color and casual/business etc categories. I even noticed I had several white tops in some hidden corner of my closet, I was planning to buy some new. When I am shopping, I go to pureple and see what will fit best to my existing closet, it’s fun. It saves me time and i don’t have to make last minute bad decisions about my outfit. I save several matches in my spare time and use them when needed. I can see how different moods create different outfits, it’s funny:) Pureple, you just do what you promise to do, thank you for all your service and charging nothing for it:)
from iTunes Reviews
I love it by ParriTarver
This app lets me place where I want things to be placed and it helps me out a lot, I just got this app and I don’t plan on getting rid of it anytime soon
from iTunes Reviews
Great app by MissMexico2015
I love this app! You can download pictures of clothes from websites or simply go in to your closet and take a picture! Great for me, for my upcoming vacations! Makes packing easy! Love this app
from iTunes Reviews
Great! Easy to use. by Chosenchick
I like that it’s simple to use and flexible to put different items together.
from iTunes Reviews
Perfect help to start the day right! by Hans JK.
from iTunes Reviews
I love this app it keeps me up at night just adding more and more clothes… The only thing I would change is the bug where it crashes when editing an item:) please fix and for anyone reading who loves fashion and being organized this app is for you!!!
from iTunes Reviews
its fine just a few things by juliehvixious
the app its good, i like how you end up with combinations that you never thought about and this app helps you to get more out of your closet. i just wish they had sub categories for each main category.
from iTunes Reviews
Must Have by Rachael1771
Being a busy student, the last thing I think about is what I wear. With this app all I have to do is hit “Suggest Outfit”, and BAM super cute outfit in less then 3 seconds. Also love that I can create my own categories and can save outfits that I like. The only improvement would to make an easier/faster way to add new pieces into the database. Would absolutely recommend and is a must have for any one who wants to look put together but doesn’t have the time.
from iTunes Reviews
I love this so so much by My YouTuber is Samara perkin
This is best organizer ever because I never look styles in school and now I do
from iTunes Reviews
It finally came out by Ayishanur
I can finally get ready in just couple minutes, really appreciate it and the whole idea about this app…
from iTunes Reviews

SUPER!!!!!!!! by Bessiebee8

I love this app!! I can see what outfits I have without looking in my closet! Also, glad they added a place where you could make notes about the outfits!!
from iTunes Reviews
Amazing! by Malviss
This has seriously saved lives when traveling! It’s just amazing, I use it everyday and I am so thankful for this app existing on the earth! 😍
from iTunes Reviews (Sweden)
Good by SammyC990228
Great app!
from iTunes Reviews (Canada)
Ideal by Fcp52
from iTunes Reviews (Colombia)
Like it by Ell 1
Simple but very handy. Love the calendar feature.
from iTunes Reviews (Australia)
a++ app ! by mjmhf
great app
from iTunes Reviews (Croatia)
Sicuramente la migliore del genere by Guglila
Ottima app semplice da utilizzare x la gestione del proprio guardaroba; 5 stelle se implementate l’opzione “modifica categoria”.
from iTunes Reviews (Italy)
非常适合衣服多到哭 记性差到死患者 by 小安阅读
from iTunes Reviews (China)
主动来评价的 by Misunshine Lee
from iTunes Reviews (China)
Top of range by eva.kamel
Best app out of similar range apps.
from iTunes Reviews (U.A.E.)
Top by Redbnnnn
Efficace !
from iTunes Reviews (Belgium)
Yaratıcı bir uygulama by Qayran
Giysi tercihlerini kolaylaştıracak bir uygulama, basit ve başarılı
from iTunes Reviews (Türkiye)
Excelente by Gemy10
Me gusta
from iTunes Reviews (Mexico)
Perfect app for a fashionista by Adnanagin
from iTunes Reviews (Romania)
Veldig bra! by Trudeoye
Dette er en kvalitetsapp, med tanke på at den er gratis! Har alt det jeg var ute etter👌
from iTunes Reviews (Norway)


  1. No matter what I tap to add clothes, nothing works. I deleted the app and reinstalled. Didn’t help. It did work once, but not again. Very disappointing. I asked a question through my phone, but there’s no way to retrieve an answer..


  2. Hi Karen – It looks like the problem is happening when you try to add an item from Camera or Photo Library. This would happen if you accidentally not allowed Pureple access to Camera or Photo Library. Please quit Pureple and open the ‘Settings’ app on your iPhone. Tap ‘Privacy’, then ‘Photos’. Make sure Pureple is set to On. Please repeat this for ‘Camera’ as well, again, under ‘Privacy’. Please let us know if this does not address the issue.


  3. Good day
    I just have a question..
    Do you plan on releasing an app for android?
    If yes, when do you reckon will it be available?
    Thank you


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