How to add additional photos for an item

Did you see a cool way to wear one of your items – why not add it right under the the photo of you item? This feature allows you add additional images for an item in your wardrobe. These additional images can showcase a special angle or detail the item has, illustrate a cool way to style it or for style inspirations.

To add additional images for an item:

  • Tap on the item in your wardrobe to go to item’s details page
  • Scroll under the photo
  • Tap ‘➕ Add additional images to this item’
  • Take a photo or browse to the image you’d like to add

Tap ‘+ Add aditional images to this item


Point to the image you’d like to add


It goes under the original image


Inspiration right where and when you need it

Inspiration image we added is from Lou What Wear. Check Danielle’s blog out for some pretty amazing outfit ideas!