About Pureple

purepleLogo1As seen on Good Morning America, Refinery29, Mashable, WWD, Forbes, Fortune, Entrepreneur, Buzzfeed, StarTribune, Washington Post and AppStore as ‘Ones to Watch’, Pureple is a free virtual stylist app that helps us manage our wardrobe and plan our outfits. It helps us look our best, spending less time on getting dressed, less money on clothing and have fun doing so.

Pureple is the best rated and fasted growing closet organizer, outfit planner app in Apple AppStore. It is currently available for iPhone, iPad and iPod.
You can catalog your clothing, shoes, accessories, jewellery and makeup; save your hairstyles, makeup looks, wishlists and inspirations in one place with Pureple. It provides powerful features to categorize and tag them for function, occasion, season, brand, size, color etc. customizable by you. You can add unlimited items and create unlimited categories – no fees or upgrades!
Pureple has a unique ‘outfit suggestion’ engine that suggests user a complete outfit and learns user’s style by time. Pureple also allows you to make outfits manually, plan outfits for upcoming occasions by adding them to your calendar. It also helps with trip planning with packing lists.
Pureple is for productivity but also social. You can share outfits and ask/provide style advice to/from Pureple community. One of the differentiators for Pureple is, you can build your own wardrobe using images from retailers -even if they bought the items years ago- and do not need to take pictures yourself (but you can if you’d like to).

Top benefits of using Pureple:

  • Make most of your wardrobe: No more ‘I have nothing to wear’ feeling and wearing the same 10 favorites over and over.
  • Have access to your wardrobe anytime, anywhere. See what you have and find what you are looking for in seconds.
  • See what you wore when and how often; helping you identify what needs to go and what is smart to invest in the future.
  • Planning outfits is easy. No need to be facing your wardrobe. Instead of rushing in the morning, plan what you’ll wear when you have time, from your couch
  • Better purchasing decisions: No more impulse buys, duplicate purchases. Instead, planned, coordinating purchases
  • Easy to share, give & get style advice
  • Statistics and insights on your wardrobe
  • Build a great deal of awareness on your personal style and preferences within short time
  • Look your best spending less time and money!
Since Pureple is very customizable, it works for men, women of any age and lifestyle.
Pureple is free, no surprise limits, no unexpected upgrade requests. If we offer an in app purchase one day, you’ll know what it is for up front.

Pureple is tested thoroughly everyday by Pureple team. If you run into an issue or a feature you are looking for is missing, please email us at info@pureple.com. We take your feedback very seriously and address it timely.


  1. Paying for the monthly use and it keeps telling me I can’t sync or it won’t work on my iPad! What is going on with your app?


    • Hi Amanda, We will investigate and fix it asap. Could you email us (info at Pureple dot com)? We need your email or username to check your account and fix it.


  2. After I did an iCloud restore on my new phone, your app is asking me to login and it’s not accepting my password and if you click the forgot password button, nothing happens. The button doesn’t work!


    • Hi Kim,
      Let’s resolve this asap. Could you email us at info at pureple dot com ? We’ll confirm some information and make sure you login and sync your closet. Thank you.


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