How to delete an item from wardrobe

You may want to delete the sample items or items that you no longer own from your wardrobe. You can easily delete them via these two ways:

  1. Easier way, which also allows deleting multiple items at once:
    • Go to wardrobe view
    • Tap and hold on an item till you see a green check mark on the item. this means it’s selected. You can select multiple items you’d like to delete by tapping and holding similarly.
    • Along with a check mark on the selected item, you will also see a ‘settings icon’ that appears towards the bottom of the screen. Tap on the setting icon and you’ll be presented with options e.g. ‘Delete’ or ‘Categorize’.
    • Tap on ‘Delete’ in order to delete the selected items.
  2. Harder way, which allows deleting one item at a time:
    • Tap and open an item you’d like to delete. This should take you to the item details page.
    • Scroll down under the image till you see ‘Delete’.
    • Tap on ‘Delete’ in order to delete the item.

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